Unité de Biométrie et Intelligence Artificielle (UBIA) de Toulouse

The laboratory “Unité de Biométrie et Intelligence Artificielle (UBIA)” is part of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science (MIA = Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées) (MIA) of INRA (INRA). UBIA develops and implements pertinent mathematical and/or computer methods to resolve problems in agro-ecosystems and bioinformatics research areas. UBIA includes currently (since January, 2005) two research teams (MAD and SaAB) and a technological platform in bioinformatics (PFBI) :

  • MAD (Modelling of Agro-ecosystems and Decision)
  • SaAB (Statistics and Algorithms for Biology)
  • PFBI (Technological platform in bioinformatics).

Director : Roger Martin-Clouaire : rmc(-at-) (0561285286)

Contacts : Pascale Fauré : pfaure(-at-) (0561285275)
Unité de Biométrie et Intelligence Artificielle INRA, Auzeville BP 52627 31326 CASTANET TOLOSAN cedex FRANCE

June 2009


To take up the challenge of life sciences requires to enhance the contribution of calculus and modelling in these sciences (biology, agronomy, ecology, sciences of environment) in order to favour and speed up in silico exploratory research on objects ranging from genes to the ecosystems. Computer science, statistics and, more generally, mathematics are necessary to organise data on these objects, to represent structures and to simulate interactions within the complex systems that they are or that they belong to, and to conceive formal computational tools for data analysis, prediction and optimisation. These disciplines play a key role in sense-making investigation, in understanding the functioning of systems, and in managing anthropic systems such as farms.

The research in mathematics and computer science done in the laboratory aims at promoting the use of its discilinary tools in life science problems, developing original applications, and producing new formal and computational tools motivated by these problems.

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